Bed and Skateboards in Ruthen Sam – Oligodarz

The resort is home to the Aligudarz city of Lorestan province and is located at km 20 of Shul Abad road and adjacent to beautiful Lake Khan Abad. This residence is located on the slopes of Oshtrankh green head which is one of the most important areas of tourism and nature tourism in Lorestan province.

Facilities and services provided

The traditional Reiton Sam Residence has 16 rooms and suites that are completely traditional decorated and fitted with all amenities such as a bed, a fridge, a TV, a fireplace and a stove. All of the suites at the residence have a private bathroom and en suite bathroom, and guests must use a shared bathroom and toilet. Among the facilities and services offered in this resort are non-roofed parking spaces, English-speaking staff, common bathrooms, Iranian and Western baths, tourist tour guide, heating and cooling systems.

In the traditional kitchen and traditional Buffalo Residence, Riton Sam offers a variety of traditional Iranian cuisine and local cuisine such as Kum Khoram Abad Shammy, Boroujerd Bread Barley, Sour Creamy Sturgeon, Dengo Rice, Apple Truffle Tree, Soup Pumpkin and Stewed Tuna Grab with Salad You can order different pickles and in addition to the lush greenery of the residence, you can enjoy tea and a variety of herbs in the family.

Tourist attractions of the region

By staying in this native home, you can visit the beautiful nature reserves of this beautiful area, including the white waterfall, the plain of the overturned tulips, the Shirazi cemetery, the Chakan Falls, and the Azna Snowy Tunnel. It is worth mentioning that the best season for a trip to this spring area is when the lush plains of this area are eye-catching with a variety of red flowers. Among the pleasures of staying in this residence is the presence of nomadic tents that you can spend one night by spending the tents of the hospitable natives of the area, enjoy their traditional and simple reception, and more and more with style Get acquainted with the life of a nomad.

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نایب رئیس شرکت پژوهشی - آموزشی گردشگری کاسیت نشینان زاگرس
مسئول آموزش شرکت پژوهشی-آموزشی گردشگری کاسیت نشینان زاگرس
مسئول تولید محتوای شرکت پژوهشی-آموزشی گردشگری کاسیت نشینان زاگرس

انتشار مطالب فوق تنها با ذکر مرجع به همراه لینک وب‌سایت شرکت پژوهشی-آموزشی گردشگری کاسیت نشینان زاگرس مجاز است.
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