Shahid Rajaee Residential Complex – Khorram Abad

The Shahid Rajai’s Abandoned Residence is located 55 km from Khorramabad city, Lorestan province, near Nasir Castle. This residence offers beautiful views of the beautiful and lush nature of the area. Tourists and tourists traveling to this resort can enjoy a variety of recreational and tourist programs, such as visiting the Cogan Cave, visiting the Shah’s Shrine’s Corner, the Twilight Caravanserai, the Ploodkhtar Wetlands Tour, visiting the Suspension Bridge and the Biosphere Bridge, Zagros, visiting the tomb of Khalil Akbar and Big Ali or Seyed, visiting the unique species of Samaritan Lorestani and most importantly the touristic tour of the province of Lorestan, which is provided by the Residential Officer, and a pleasant and memorable journey. To experience.

Shahid Rajaee is a 125 square meter building with 2 rooms with facilities like 1 Halls of reception, Iranian and Western bathrooms, bathrooms and TVs, with a capacity of 30 tourists. A 80 meter suite with bath and shower facilities, a bathroom, a TV, one room and one lounge with a capacity of 14 tourists and 2 double rooms with a TV and a shared bathroom.

Other services provided at this native home include English-speaking staff, public kitchens, non-residential parking, tourist guides, heating equipment such as blankets …, Iranian and Western bathrooms and cooling systems. Heating such as radiator and water cooler.

At this residence, tourists will be offered a tour of tourists at the request of tourists. Programs such as nature tourism and visiting the historical and natural attractions of the region will be provided at a separate cost.

One of the most prominent and historic attractions of Khorramabad city is the Falak-e-Alafakl castle, Shapouri Bridge broken, the Mahal Tourist Resort, Baba Taher, Qiu Lake, Stone Whirlpool, Khorramabad Dam, Nozhian Waterfall, Minaret Brick, Ghat Waterfall, Bath Gap Khorramabad, a grinding mill in the Hussein Abad neighborhood of Khorramabad, points out that many tourists come to their destination at the best of their season, spring and summer.

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نایب رئیس شرکت پژوهشی - آموزشی گردشگری کاسیت نشینان زاگرس
مسئول آموزش شرکت پژوهشی-آموزشی گردشگری کاسیت نشینان زاگرس
مسئول تولید محتوای شرکت پژوهشی-آموزشی گردشگری کاسیت نشینان زاگرس

انتشار مطالب فوق تنها با ذکر مرجع به همراه لینک وب‌سایت شرکت پژوهشی-آموزشی گردشگری کاسیت نشینان زاگرس مجاز است.
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